Are professional athletes really involved with the Illuminati?

With great power comes great responsibility. Most professional athletes have a lot of power due to their wealth, with all that power and wealth comes a huge responsibility. The responsibility of being a good role model for the youth or people who look up and idolize them. Every decision they make has an outcome, good or bad. So whenever one of them throws up a sign the one’s who idolize them start doing it as well and continue doing so until something new comes along.

In the present day though, everything that a super star does gets questioned to how they’re capable of doing what they do. There have been conspiracies as to people being able to do what they do by selling their souls to the devil and becoming apart of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a secret society of individuals who have sold their souls and have been possessed by demons. They take an oath and participate in an orientation ritual in which they take part in “death” where they lie in a casket and rise from the dead symbolizing the death of their former self and the rebirth of their new possessed self. As a recap they’re basically selling their souls to the devil to become rich and famous.

The Illuminati has been around for hundreds of years and was once legal. Once people figure out what it really was and what was going on with it they made it illegal to be a member of the Illuminati. They have many different signs for their “society”. A big one that almost everyone has seen but may not know it is the pyramid found on the back of a dollar bill. When people do the symbol though they use both of their hands connecting the two index fingers and their thumbs to make a triangle.

People of today may or may not know of the Illuminati but whenever you turn on the television to watch some of your favorite athletes you may be watching them in action. The Illuminati has taken over today’s super stars and helping them become who they are. For instance, look at Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. Lebron being the “Chosen One” which is tattooed across his back, he also has a tattoo of a lion on his right bicep. Both of those representing the Illuminati in a way. The lion as a symbol with a serpent (Kobe-Black Mamba) and a goat. All three of which are joined together to make a beast is used to symbolize the Illuminati and the Devil. The “Chosen One” means that he’s the one that they’re calling upon to command the Illuminati. Then you have the big representation of the devil, the big “six six six” deal. If you were to look at Lebron who is now with Miami, he has the number 6. Kobe who is number 24, may not seem like he’s part of it but he’s not innocent himself because if you add the numbers two and four together they equal six. Which brings back the representation of the devil.

But how can one like myself, or even you the reader, make such assumptions about someone? We don’t know the reasonings behind their tattoo’s, their jersey numbers, or their nicknames. Maybe one was thrown a random jersey and that’s what they got stuck with, or in Lebron’s case for the number six, maybe he didn’t want to be associated with Cleveland anymore so he got a number way off from twenty-three. For the tattoo’s maybe Lebron got the lion because he feels that it represents him well in they way that he’s one of a kind and ferocious. The “Chosen One” tattoo, he is one of a kind, he carried an NBA team to the playoffs, even with an injury. Though he never got a championship he did it, though he had help, he was a huge factor. For Kobe the nickname Black Mamba, he slithers through defenses with ease. He’s a snake with the meaning he’s cautious but will attack the basket and brings a “poison” with him to the court, slowly disintegrating the opposing team inside out.

Do I think that professional athletes are apart of the Illuminati? No I don’t, I think that yes there could be an Illuminati but you can’t stereotype someone by how they look, what they wear, their wealth, or what others say about them. So until they come out and officially say that they are apart of the secret society I’m not going to assume anything and that it was their talent that got them there and they did it themselves. 

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